People love to eat food. And dinner is the favourite meal of the day. It is usually the biggest and has the most effort put in. So what should you have for dinner tonight? Should you have dinner out or cook something at home? There are a number of options including a nice restaurant, dinner and a show, dinner party or just a casual cooked meal back at the house. Healthy options are always good such as healthy pasta, salad or soup. Dinner Ideas website coming soon.

One of the best ideas for dinner is going to a restaurant. It’s good to treat yourself, not have to worry about cooking (or washing up) and most importantly, being in a nice environment which can be sociable or romantic. Melbourne has so many good restaurants of all different styles. One of my favourites would have to be Hollyhock on Station Pier in Port Melbourne. They have a great range of affordable meals including pizzas, pastas, rissottos, steaks, salads and a lot more. The head chef Damian certainly knows how to create a delicious dish, and brings the flavours out of every meal, whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner.

They also have delicious cheap eats in their brand new beer garden. Get a discount feed, a drink special and enjoy the water with some great tunes. The perfect way to relax after a tough day at work, or have some fun on the weekend.